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Which party had the best attendance? Which party members debated the most?

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Which party had the most qualified MPs? Which had the least?

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What types of questions did each party ask in Lok Sabha?

National Register of Citizens
Should NRC update be a nationwide exercise?
It is imperative to update the NRC in the rest of the country as well as to ensu...Read more
Amid heightened controversy and credit seeking and blame giving exercise between...Read more
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today alleged that the National Regis...Read more
Statue of Unity
Does India need the Statue of Unity?
A 182-metre statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel seems apt right now. Nehru got a ...Read more
The state government has pinned its hopes on the employment which will be create...Read more
A serious concern which has been disregarded is that the project site is located...Read more
Sonia Gandhi
Should Sonia Gandhi have become the PM of India in 2004?
There were times when everything centred around Sonia Gandhi's candidacy for Pri...Read more
The circumstances under which Manmohan Singh was nominated played out were under...Read more
Rahul Gandhi
Should Rahul Gandhi have resigned as the President of the Indian National Congress?
A proposal to create a post of Congress working president as a buffer for Gandhi...Read more
Lalu Prasad has termed Rahul Gandhi's adamancy to quit his post as Congress pres...Read more
Priyanka Gandhi
Should Priyanka Gandhi have contested the 2019 elections from Varanasi?
Even if she would have lost, it would have gone to prove that she has the guts t...Read more
Especially after the Samajwadi Party fielded Shalini Yadav, albeit a lightweight...Read more
The Congress says the party needs Priyanka to campaign in its “winnable” seats f...Read more
Indian National Congress
Is Shakti app to blame for Congress’ rout?
Congress party leaders and workers say that the Shakti platform had failed, and ...Read more
The problems with the Shakti app and the data it generated do seem genuine. And ...Read more
“The workers sent us updates through SMS or WhatsApp, following which we compile...Read more
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