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Frequently Asked Questions

The problems of fake news, partial news and misinformation are not unknown. UnFound is Artificial Intelligence powered news platform with an objective to combat these problems. UnFound's sophisticated technology provides comprehensive information on every story by setting up the context, display opinions and multiple perspectives to provide a balanced viewpoint. The technology, in compliance with ethical AI practices, is developed to stay “un-influenced”. It selects stories worth deep reading, worth discussing and worth analysing. The highly evolved ranking algorithms select stories from credible sources only.

Yes, it does. News stories are clustered into relevant Topics. Each topic is further structured to provide relevant Background, Opinions, Perspectives and Recent News. Each topic sets the context, provides 360-degree views and keeps you abreast with recent happenings.

UnFound uses sophisticated technology to select important stories everyday. It evaluates stories based on parameters such as popularity, credibility of the publication house, relevance, counter-perspective etc. The technology has evolved and improved through several iterations of development to select stories that matter!

Fresh stories of the day picked by our AI engine feature as UnFound Picks. Every Pick is assigned a topic which gives comprehensive information around the story.

Some stories are worth paying attention to but are understated. UnFound Unseen is a treasure chest of stories that are intriguing, not as easy to find and have missed the headlines.

Signing into UnFound unlocks all stories for easy consumption. Sign-up grants a monthly free trial giving unrestricted access to the platform. You can also bookmark news and topics for a leisure read later. Several features will be added on the platform soon that can be accessed by signing up

UnFound's AI technology is trained to stay un-influenced. It selects multiple perspectives on a news story. It provides supporting, neutral and opposing view-points to the thread of discussion which ensures a balanced view on a topic under consideration. All news stories are gathered from credible sources vetted by sophisticated ranking algorithms. The credibility of our technology has evolved with several iterations of development and improvement.